Book Gift Registry FAQ's

If you're a book lover, library or school in search of an easy way to fill your bookshelves with must-reads, the Book Gift Registry is here to help!
Whether it's family and friends who want to shower you with gifts or strangers looking for a great cause – this registry simplifies purchasing literary treasures. Add any desired titles and share them for others - shopping has never been so convenient, effortless…and fun!
Get all the awesome reads on your wishlist today by creating your own online Book Gift Registry.

For Register

To setup your book registry, simply click on "Create Book Registry". This will take you to a page where we'll ask you to fill out all your registry details.

You will need to add:

  • Event Type
  • Event Date / Duration you'd like to keep your book registry open for.
  • The name of your Book Registry /Event
  • Your First Name
  • Your Surname
  • Share Message - the message you'd like to show on your registry or when you share it.

Next, you'll need to input your own information (or the person for whom you created the book registry). Please add your address, ensuring it's correct as it's the delivery destination for all selected items.

Once you're ready, you can opt to keep your Gift Registry between close ones with a password or share it with the world.

Adding products to your Book Registry is a total breeze!

Simply search for the items you want, then head to the product page.

Below "Add to Cart," look for the "Add to Book Gift Registry" button.

Give it a tap, and voila - your products are now in the registry!


Just click on 'Manage Registry'.

At the top, on the right side, you'll see a little share icon.

From there, you can email your registry or copy a link to share on social media or chat apps.

First, click on Manage Registry. You'll notice a little edit icon next to the share icon at the top right corner. Simply click on it and you'll be able to edit your registry with ease!

For Gifters

To start, hit "add to cart" on the book registry.

Don't worry, you can check off as many products as you like. When you're ready, just click on "checkout"!

You're welcome to write a personal message to the owner of the registry if you'd like.

During checkout, the owner's shipping details will be automatically added for you - please don't edit this!

After payment, we'll get everything shipped out to you ASAP.

Hover over the "book Gift Registry" tab. A drop down will appear.

Click on Find Book Registry

You will be able to search by Name or the Registry ID.