Terms and Conditions



  1. These terms and conditions form a part of the Website Terms & Conditions to which you are required to agree in order to access and use our Website.
  2. Only registered users may place orders and purchase Products via the Website.

Products and availability


3.   A range of Products including books, games, DVDs, CDs, toys, games and stationery are available for purchase via the Website.

4.  Stocks are limited of all products listed, and pricing may change without prior notice. We attempt to ensure that our product listings are kept up to date as to product availability, but do not guarantee the availability of stock. In some cases, we rely upon inventory information supplied by third parties. We bear no liability for any inaccuracies in such information, which is beyond our control. When we cannot fulfil a product order because the stock has run out, we will notify you and you will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid by you for that product within no more than thirty (30) days of that notice.


Payments by you

5.  All product listings display the price of the relevant product. Where an item is on sale or promotion, the price displayed is the discounted price.


 6.  All prices include Value Added Tax at the rate of fifteen per cent (15%).


7.   In addition to the product price, you are liable for a delivery fee, which shall be calculated at checkout depending on the chosen delivery method. Standard rates apply.


Payment methods

8. All payments must be made into our bank account, and are accepted via credit card, bank deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT) via our payment gateway, PayFast.


9.  When paying by credit card, PayFast may require additional information from you in order to process the payment. The transaction details will be presented to the bank and payment collected as soon as possible after the order is placed. By supplying credit card details to PayFast, you warrant that you are authorized to utilise the card concerned to pay for the Products concerned and that the card concerned has adequate credit available to cover all costs charged to it as a result of the transaction.


10.  When not making use of  PayFast and paying by bank deposit or EFT, you will be provided with instructions for payment, and your payment shall be subject to the following additional rules:


10.1  You must pay the exact amount due;


10.2   You must identify your payment by recording your order number in the reference section of your deposit slip or EFT;


10.3     Your order will be cancelled if payment is not received in our bank account within seven (7) working days of placing your order. Please note, Reader’s Warehouse will not be held liable for products becoming unavailable due to delayed payments.


11.      When paying by PayFast, you will be taken to the PayFast website, with which you must be registered, and where you will be required to login. Payment will be collected and transferred to us as soon as possible after the order, whereafter you will be returned to the Website and allocated an order number.


Delivery area

12.       We deliver our products throughout Southern Africa, via courier, collection from one of our stores.


13.      We do not ordinarily deliver beyond the borders of the Republic of South Africa. However, should you wish to order a product internationally, please contact our Customer Service department at incoming@readerswarehouse.co.za in order to obtain a quotation which shall include delivery charges.


Delivery periods

15.  Our product listings include an estimated delivery time for each product. These periods are not guaranteed as they are not under our control but depend upon third party suppliers of our Products.

15.1  Most products already available in our warehouse are dispatched within one (1) to three (3) working days after we receive payment confirmation for your order.

15.2  Most products which are required to be sent from store level are dispatched within seven (7) to ten (10) working days after we receive payment confirmation for your order.

15.3  Most special order products which are required to be ordered in from local suppliers are dispatched within seven (7) to ten (10) working days after receipt of such payment confirmation.

16.  Where products with different delivery times are ordered together, the product with the longest delivery time will determine the delivery time of the order.

16.1  Should you wish for your order to be shipped in parts, you may be liable for delivery fees depending on part shipment value.

16.2   Please contact Customer Service on  incoming@readerswarehouse.co.za  should you wish to enquire about part shipments.

17.  Should a delay or stock shortage occur after your order has been placed, we shall notify you as soon as possible.


Late delivery

 18.  If a product is not delivered to you by an agreed date or, in the absence of an agreed date, within thirty (30) days of our receipt of your payment for the completed order, you may cancel your order using the cancellation facility on the Website only.


19.  If a product which you have purchased is unavailable, we shall notify you accordingly and provide you with a refund within thirty (30) days of notifying you. Please see our Refunds Policy for more information.


Cancellation of orders

20.  We may accept or reject your order, depending upon the availability of the Product ordered, the correctness of the information associated with the Product on the Website, as well as the receipt or otherwise of payment for the Product. Our acceptance of the order is indicated by our delivery of the Product to you, and not before. Our rejection of your order will be notified to you prior to delivery, and any monies paid will be refunded to you within thirty (30) days.


21.  You may cancel any order without attracting any penalty prior to it having been packaged and dispatched from our premises only, and have contacted incoming@readerswarehouse.co.za and logged your cancellation. You will be refunded for your cancelled order within thirty (30) days of cancellation. Please see our Returns Policy for more information.


22.  Certain Products may not be purchased for re-sale. If we suspect that a Product is being purchased for re-sale, we may cancel the order at any time.


23.  We reserve the right to refuse to accept or process any payment, or to cancel any sale between you and us, if we deem it reasonable or necessary to prevent suspected fraud or abuse In such a case we shall notify you and our liability to you shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid by you, within thirty (30) days of such notice.



24.  Whilst we strive to ensure that all descriptions, purchase prices, and other particulars are accurate on the Website, we shall not be liable for any loss, claim or expense you may incur in the event of any transaction based upon erroneous information, except in the instance of an incorrect purchase price, in which case our liability is limited to offering you the option of proceeding with the transaction on the basis of the correct purchase price, or cancelling the transaction and receiving either a credit or a refund of the monies already paid by you. We reserve the right to cancel any transaction prior to delivery of the Product concerned to you, if the transaction has proceeded on the basis of an inaccurate purchase price.


Defective products

25.  We do our best to ensure that all Products are delivered to you in good working order and condition, free of any defects.


26.  A defect is a material imperfection in the manufacture of a Product or in any characteristic of the Product, which renders the Product less acceptable than one would reasonably be entitled to expect. A defect does not include:

26.1     Faults arising from normal wear and tear;

26.2     Damage arising from incorrect, negligent or abusive use of a Product;

26.3     Damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion;

26.4     Damage arising from failure to adequately care for the Product;

26.5     Damage arising from unauthorised alterations to the Product;

26.6     Where the Product specifications, although accurately described on the Website and generally fit for the Product’s intended purpose, do not suit you;


26.7     Flat batteries in a battery-operated item. It is your responsibility to replace batteries with fresh batteries as necessary;


26.8     Zone incompatibility of a DVD product. It is your responsibility to ensure, prior to ordering a DVD, that it is compatible with your hardware with regard to its zone;


26.9     Any damage or defect in a “Clearance bin” item sold via this website. These Products are excess stock or shop-soiled items, sold at heavily discounted prices, on the understanding that they may be damaged or defective in various ways. When purchasing a product offered in defective condition, you do so on an “as is” basis and agree to accept it in a defective state. As a general rule, you are not entitled to return the item on the basis of the defect/s concerned, EXCEPT when the item is misbound or is missing pages (and therefore not readable) AND this was NOT indicated in the product listing.


General procedure for defect returns:

27.       If there is any visible defect/s in your product when delivery is offered to you, then you should refuse delivery.


28.       You agree to inspect your product upon taking delivery. If defect/s in the product only become apparent after you have taken delivery, then you should report full particulars thereof to us immediately, but in any event within forty-eight (48) hours of taking delivery.


29.  In most instances, failure to report a defect in a product within forty-eight (48) hours of taking delivery will give rise to a reasonable apprehension that any defect was produced after you took delivery of the product. We cannot be held liable for defects which have arisen subsequent to your taking delivery of the item.


30.  Within six (6) months from your receipt of a defective product, you are entitled to return the product to us and receive a replacement product (if available), credit or refund (in full or in part), in terms of the following procedure only.


31.  A defective product may be returned to us, either, in the event that your order was collected from a store, at one of our stores at your risk and expense, or in any other instance, by our courier at our risk and expense, and:


31.1  It must be in its original condition and original unopened packaging (if applicable), and missing no accessories or parts;


31.2  It must have adequate additional protective packaging to prevent damage;

31.3  It must be accompanied by its original delivery note and full particulars of the alleged defect/s, as well as your indication as to whether you would prefer a replacement product or a credit or refund.


32.  We shall inspect the product and, if the product is found to indeed be defective then:

32.1  in the case of a DVD or CD or other audio or video recording or computer software, we will only be able to offer an identical replacement item in lieu of the defective item returned to us. We cannot offer a credit or refund for copyright reasons;

32.2  in any other case we shall action your request for a replacement product (if available) or a credit or refund either for the value of the purchase price or a reasonable portion thereof, determined by us having regard to the extent of the defect in the item (and, for example, whether the item could nevertheless be read or used, or was not capable of being read or used despite the defect).

33.  If the product is found to not be defective then you shall be notified thereof, and entitled to take delivery of the product once more at your arrangement and at your cost within a reasonable period after notice to you.


International Orders - Returns Policy

We currently do not accept returns and exchanges on international orders


South African Orders - Returns policy

34.  In accordance with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, you are entitled to cancel your purchase without supplying a reason, and receive at your election a credit to your account or refund less only the cost of returning the Product to us, by logging a return request on the Website within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the Product concerned, unless the Product is:

34.1     One intended for everyday consumption;

34.2     Personalised for you or made to your specifications;

34.3     An eBook or other digital download, or a DVD or CD or other audio or                    video recording or computer software which has been unsealed; or

34.4     A book, newspaper, periodical or magazine.

35. Despite the aforegoing, you are entitled to cancel your purchase of a book, newspaper, periodical or magazine without supplying a reason, and receive a credit to your account less only the cost of returning the Product to us, by emailing incoming@readerswarehouse.co.za within forty-eight (48) business hours of receipt of the Product concerned, unless the book or similar product:

35.1         has been sourced for you as an international import or special order; or is an academic publication or textbook.


36.  If the Product qualifies for a return, it will be collected from you by our courier at an extra charge within fourteen (14) days of our acceptance of your return request. You are responsible for making the Product available for collection during that period, failing which the return may be cancelled by us. Both courier and store collection orders can be returned or exchanged, at our stores, provided that you have made prior arrangements with our Customer Service team. .


36.1  The Product must be in its original condition and original unopened packaging (if applicable), and missing no accessories or parts

36.2  It must have adequate additional protective packaging to prevent damage;

36.3  It must be accompanied by its original delivery note or order receipt, which will be included with your order.


37.  The transport of the Product to our premises is at your risk, and in this regard our courier acts as your agent. We will inspect the Product on its arrival at our premises, in order to validate the return. If the Product does not qualify for a return, or is handed to us in a damaged or unsaleable condition, then the return shall be refused, no monies shall be credited to your account with us, and we shall invoice you for our courier’s cost.


38.  The cost of the return of the Product via our couriers shall be calculated with regard to the weight and dimensions of the parcel as handed by you to our courier. Such cost shall be deducted from any refund or credit to accrue to your account with us as a result of the return, or invoiced to you in the event that such refund or credit is insufficient.



39.  Any refund due to you shall be paid, if you made payment by credit card, to that credit card account. If you made payment by direct deposit or EFT you shall be required to provide us with your valid banking details for refund purposes. No refunds shall be paid into third party accounts.


40.  Any refund due in terms of these terms and conditions shall be payable to you within thirty (30) days of your right to a refund arising.


Sales records

41.  A full record of every sale and related transaction between you and us shall be maintained on this website, and capable of being viewed and printed by you, for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of the sale or transaction only.


42.  If you have raised a matter with our Customer Service department by email at incoming@readerswarehouse.co.za or at telephone (021) 705 6812, and are dissatisfied with their handling of the matter, you may refer a complaint to the Office of the Consumer Protector in your province:

Western Cape:

Lillian Brown  0800 007 081  consumer.protector@westerncape.gov.za

Northern Cape:

Theodore Smith  053 831 5562  theosmith@ncpg.gov.za

North West:

 Keemenao Mokoena  018 387 7946  keemenaot@nwpg.gov.za


Nation Nkosi   013 766 4952  nnkosi@mpg.gov.za


Findo Motimele  015 293 8556/7  findo@ledet.gov.za

Kwa Zulu-Natal

Desmond Pillay  033 264 2537/2616     pillayd@kznded.gov.za


Jama King  011 355 8006  consumer@gauteng.gov.za

Free State

Timothy Radikeledi  051 400 9611  radikelt@detea.fs.gov.za

Eastern Cape

Charnette Ferreira   0860 007 255 charnette.ferreira@dedea.gov.za/   consumer.protector@dedea.gov.za