The Lord Of The Rings Box Set

SKU: 9780261102385
The Lord Of The Rings : Boxed Set - Readers Warehouse
The Lord Of The Rings : Boxed Set - Readers Warehouse
The Lord Of The Rings : Boxed Set - Readers Warehouse
The Lord Of The Rings : Boxed Set - Readers Warehouse

The Lord Of The Rings Box Set

SKU: 9780261102385
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julie Williams (Port Elizabeth, ZA)

We ordered this set for my daughter's birthday. We ordered it Wednesday night and it arrived in our rural town on Monday. She is loving the set. Beautifully laid out and boxed.

Pre S (Durban, ZA)

I've always been LOTR fan. I've read the books before but I wanted my own copy so that my kids could also enjoy them one day. I was so excited to receive my order early and in good condition. LOTR books are definitely collectors items for years to come.

Rohin (Johannesburg, ZA)
Best fantasy book out there

Filled with epic battles, beautiful imagery, mystical characters and magical beings. Tolkien lures you into middle earth with its incredible lore and legends, the best fantasy world to this day. This series takes you on a journey through middle earth, a Realm that is of interest to the dark lord sauron that seeks dominion over it and so forged the rings of power, and forged the one ring to rule them by pouring half his soul into the ring. Yet it ended up in the hands of young frodo Baggins a hobbit from the peaceful land of the shire, and he embarks on a journey across the perilous realm to destroy it in orodruin, however the ring has a will of it's own and corrupts all that posses it, and corruption follows it as well. Will the fellowship of the ring ever defeat the tides of dark forces that sauron throws at them, ranging from orcs to ringwraiths to goblins and fiery demons? Pick up a copy and find out!

Zanri Greyling (Johannesburg, ZA)


Alexander (Pretoria, ZA)
Priceless addition

I always loved the movies. Have never really gotten into reading but something in me stirred to read Lord of the Rings. I received the set a week ago and I cannot put it down. The movies dwindle in the sheer grandeur of the books. I cannot imagine that some will go through life never to enter the wonders of the world that Tolkien created. I dare to say that no book collection deserves to be without this masterpiece.
This set is wonderful. A steal at this price.
Highly recommend!

Continuing the story of The Hobbit, this three-volume boxed set of Tolkien's epic masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, features striking black covers based on Tolkien's own design, the definitive text, and three maps including a detailed map of Middle-earth.

Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to him all the Rings of Power - the means by which he intends to rule Middle-earth. All he lacks in his plans for dominion is the One Ring - the ring that rules them all - which has fallen into the hands of the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. In a sleepy village in the Shire, young Frodo Baggins finds himself faced with an immense task, as his elderly cousin Bilbo entrusts the Ring to his care.

Frodo must leave his home and make a perilous journey across Middle-earth to the Cracks of Doom, there to destroy the Ring and foil the Dark Lord in his evil purpose. Since it was first published in 1954, 'The Lord of the Rings' has been a book people have treasured. Steeped in unrivalled magic and otherworldliness, its sweeping fantasy has touched the hearts of young and old alike.


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