Picking the Perfect Leveled Reader for Your Child

by Lisa Bulpin

You're at the bookstore or a library with your child, and they're eager to pick out a new book. But then you realize...you have no idea what "level" they should be reading at. If your child is just beginning to learn how to read, picking out the perfect leveled reader can seem daunting. But never fear! We're here to help.

How Leveled Readers Work
Leveled readers are books that are carefully graded by difficulty, so that children can progress through them at their own pace. Usually, leveled readers are divided into five different categories, from "levels" one through five. Once your child has mastered level one readers, they can move on to level two, and so on.

Most leveled readers are fiction books, but there are also nonfiction options available. Some leveled readers come as part of a set (for example, the popular "Tippie" series), while others are standalone titles. No matter what type of book you and your child are looking for, there's sure to be a leveled reader that's perfect for them.

Choosing the Right Leveled Reader for Your Child
Now that you know how leveled readers work, it's time to start picking out some titles! When choosing a leveled reader for your child, it's important to keep two things in mind: their age and their current reading level.

For example, let's say your child is six years old and has only just begun learning how to read. In this case, you would want to look for a level one reader—something short, with simple words and sentences. On the other hand, if your child is eight years old and already knows how to read pretty well, you might want to try a level three or four reader—something slightly longer and more challenging.

Remember, the goal is to find a book that will both engage and challenge your child without being too difficult or boring. The best way to do this is to ask a librarian or bookstore employee for recommendations. They'll be able to point you in the direction of some great titles based on your child's age and reading level.

No matter what stage your child is at in their reading journey, we hope this guide has helped you pick out the perfect leveled reader for them! Just remember to keep their age and current reading level in mind when making your selection.

Happy reading!

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